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Fine Arts


group of theater students

The Dance, Theater, and performance offerings at Scarborough High School are designed to give students an opportunity to experience creating art and performing it as well. In these classes students will be given the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through movement, acting, and with music. Students do not need to have prior experience in these areas to be successful. Students will learn skills and techniques and develop new understanding and appreciation in these subject areas. Each of these classes is one semester in length.


The music department at Scarborough High School is proud to offer a variety of classes and ensembles for students of all levels, interest, and abilities. The central tenet of our program is to instill a lifelong engagement with, and appreciation for music. Students can select from band, chorus, music theory, piano, and guitar.

Visual Arts

In the Visual Arts courses at Scarborough High School students are challenged to go beyond ordinary ways of thinking and doing things. Through experiences with a variety of media such drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography and approaches including graphic design and illustration, students are encouraged to develop their own unique voice. Exercises and assignments expose students to a diversity of artists, styles, and cultural origins.

Digital Media

The Digital Media courses at SHS explore the world of video creation, yearbook publishing and film as an art form. Courses include Video Production I and II, The History of Film, Movies of the 21st Century and Yearbook Publishing I and II. Students learn the process of creating from concept to completion using the latest online platforms in editing and publishing. Film courses explore the style of the director, social and cultural influences and technological developments.