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Fine Arts


group of theater students

The Theatre, Dance, and performance offerings at Scarborough High School are designed to give students an

opportunity to experience creating art and performing it as well. In these classes students will be given the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through movement, speech, acting, and with music. Students do not need to have prior experience in these subjects to be successful. Students will learn skills and techniques and develop new understanding and appreciation in these subject areas. Each of these classes is one semester in length.


The instrumental music program at Scarborough High School provides students who enjoy playing band instruments an opportunity to further develop their technical and musical skills. In addition, students study music theory to enhance their knowledge and understanding of music. There are three Band courses at SHS, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble. The Concert Band is the entry level course. Students may expect to spend 1-2 years at this level. Symphonic Band is a more advanced course, with more intense rehearsal time and higher performance expectations. Symphonic Band enrollment is by audition only, and admission is limited by instrumentation. Wind Ensemble is a small group of wind and percussion students, selected by audition, who will study the most difficult levels and styles of music. Solo playing will be expected in class, and additional home practice time will be required.

Students from all three bands will have required performances throughout the year. All students enrolled in Band are eligible to participate in extra curricular band activities such as Jazz Band, Combo, Honors Festivals, and the Solo and Ensemble Festival.