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The study of mathematics will emphasize the importance of reasoning by using mathematics as a tool for interpreting, describing, modeling, and analyzing real life situations, thus allowing students to see the theory and logical structure of mathematics. The study of mathematics will:

  • Emphasize problem solving
  • Students will use problem solving strategies to investigate mathematical situations and acquire confidence in using these strategies meaningfully in everyday situations
  • Make connections so that students can recognize and use interrelationships among topics in mathematics, other curriculum areas, and their daily lives
  • Include varied opportunities for communication so that students will be able to express themselves and interpret mathematically

Summer Prerequisite Worksheet

Attention Algebra 2-4 students!

Summer Prerequisite Worksheet!!

Congratulations for taking on the challenges of a level 4 math class!

Over the summer, your teachers expect you to complete the Algebra 2-4 Prerequisite Skills Worksheet.

You’re expected to come to your first class with this worksheet completed. Questions you may have over the work you’ve done will be reviewed the first day or two. This worksheet will be collected shortly afterward and scored as your first graded homework. Assessments will include these concepts throughout the year.

Your new class builds on the skills reviewed in this packet. Your proficiency will have a big impact on your initial success this coming year. If there is something you don’t remember, search online resources for help. Chances are that’s all the review you’ll need to bring back the skill! Begin this work before the end of school this year and ask your teacher for help now.

Complete the packet and practice those skills you find difficult. Enter the new school year with the foundation you need for success. Bring your completed work to class!

Algebra 2-4 Prerequisite Skills Worksheet