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Vocation Education

The Regional Vocational Program for Scarborough students is conducted through the facilities at Westbrook Regional Vocational School and the Portland Arts and Technology High School. When comparable programs exist at both schools, Scarborough students are required to attend the Westbrook program. Under this program, students may receive intensive training in one of a number of specialized trades or occupations. Graduation requirements are the same for this program as for all other SHS programs.

Westbrook Regional Vocational Center (WRVC)

Westbrook Regional Vocational Center logo

The staff of Westbrook Regional Vocational Center (WRVC) believes Career and Technical Education prepares students for entry into the labor force and/ or post-secondary education. We offer students a hands-on, task-oriented method of instruction that develops knowledge, skills, and attitudes for life and work. Our programs are designed to meet the community’s changing technology-based labor demands and the student’s need for quality, meaningful employment. WRVC has regular interaction with the community and industry through advisory committees, student organizations, and service projects, which assist in keeping curriculum, methods, and materials current and relevant.

WRVC believes ALL students should have access to career and technical education as a component of their secondary education. We recognize students as life-long learners and encourage early awareness of career and technical and post-secondary opportunities. We enforce interdisciplinary learning in the student’s regular educational setting and recognize Westbrook School Department’s Vision Statement as a guiding document in creating a learning environment for our students.

Westbrook Regional Vocational Center

Portland Arts & Technology High School (PATHS)

PATHS logo

Portland Arts & Technology High School (PATHS) is open to all students in grades 9-12. PATHS courses are designed for all students who are serious about gaining new skills and knowledge through applied “minds-on/hands-on learning”. These classes are designed for career bound and college bound students and are an extension of the high school schedule, counting toward graduation as any other class. Classroom theory and instruction, extensive labs, shop projects and community-based internships combine to give students real life experience in career directions. Some PATHS classes may offer intensive one semester or one year opportunities. PATHS follows the Portland Public Schools calendar and offers two sessions a day. Scarborough Students attend the morning session.

Portland Arts & Technology High School