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Student Handbook

2023-24 Student Handbook

The High School Handbook was developed to assist students, parents, and staff members in understanding their roles and responsibilities at SHS. You will be able to find definitions and explanations of our school policies and programs throughout this handbook. Many students find the daily calendar to be an efficient way to keep track of assignments, school events, and personal schedules. 

2023-24 Student & Parent Handbook

One of our core values at SHS is “Respect.” We encourage and expect that all members of the school community will demonstrate respectful behaviors every day. If you respect yourself and others, you will help create an enjoyable and supportive environment at SHS.

As a student at Scarborough High School, please remember to:

  1. Do your best
  2. Lead with respect
  3. Take responsibility
  4. Contribute to your school 

Following these basic guidelines will help ensure that Scarborough High School is a place where you can reach your potential academically and personally. The Student Handbook is provided for Scarborough High School students, teachers, and parents. Information contained in the handbook may change over the course of the school year.