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Student-Run Help Desk

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This is a new program for the 2022-2023 school year. The SHS Student Run Help Desk is a program designed to allow you to explore and grow your interest in computer technology in a practical way by providing on-the-spot technical help for other students and staff at your school and throughout all of Scarborough Public Schools.

As a Help Desk student, you are on a team of student interns that will be mentored and coached by Town of Scarborough Information Technology staff, and instructional technology coaches from Scarborough Public Schools. You will gain hands-on experience supporting a complex technology environment and a large user group. Some of the activities you could participate in are:

  • Providing tech support and service to both students and teachers from the HS and other schools in Scarborough
  • Repairing broken laptops and Chromebooks
  • Cyber-security and phishing attack simulations and exercises
  • Creating and live streaming tech tutorials, app reviews, and technology trend investigation
  • Building “tech resources” and online content for use throughout the school and district
  • Advanced students will have the opportunity to acquire industry certifications from CompTIA, Google, Microsoft, and others.

This program is available to all rising 9-12 grade students, but there are a limited number of spots available. You should have an interest in computer technology, but there is no prerequisite for technical skills or knowledge. Eligible students will receive elective credit for the program, and you must maintain passing grades in order to participate.

For more information email, or stop by the tech office in the Learning Commons.