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School Counselors

School Counselors are available to help students with their course selections, graduation requirements, post-secondary planning, testing results & interpretation, and career readiness. To help ensure maximum student success and achievement, the Student Services Department encourages a team approach consisting of the student, parent or guardian, teacher, and counselor.
If you have any questions regarding your child, please contact his/her primary school counselor anytime during the school day. Counselor assignments and contact information are listed to the right. 

News & Announcements

Student Services Office

Wendy Spaulding
Class of 2022: A-K
Class of 2024: A-K

Phone: (207) 730-5023

Ryan Soucie
Class of 2023: A-K
Class of 2025:  A-K

Phone: (207) 730-5024

Aly Murtha
Class of 2023: L-Z
Class of 2025:  L-Z

Phone: (207) 730-5026

Tim Walker
Class of 2022: L-Z
Class of 2024: L-Z

Phone: (207) 730-5025

Vickie Sutyak
Administrative Assistant 
Phone: (207) 730-5020